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February 2021 – June 2021


For my bachelor thesis, I researched how young people can easily keep track of their budget while shopping through gamification. The research on gamification was done based on different articles.

Therefore, my target audience for this research is youth and young adults between the ages of 17 and 35, with a focus on students who are in digs, or youth/young adults who have recently moved in together or on their own and would like to pay more attention to their budget.


How can young people easily keep track of their budgets while shopping through gamification?


To find out if this problem was more of a personal one, or still a problem that affects several young people, I decided to create a survey. In this survey I asked what their approximate age was at the time of participation, what their living situation was at the time (living with parents, living with parents but also living in digs, living alone or with a roommate or partner). I also asked if they stick to a maximum budget while shopping (this covered just grocery shopping as well as shopping in the city) and what features they would like to see in an app that combines the different elements such as lists, budget and loyalty cards. The vast majority of participants indicated that they would use such an app in the future. 

Research showed that shopping lists can help you save because you plan everything in advance. This is evidenced by both blogs and scientific articles. In terms of budget, there are already some apps that combine shopping lists and store promotions. Most of the budget apps are apps from specific banks. With loyalty card apps, sometimes you also have the ability to view promotions.




The elaboration I want to use is a combination of several apps in one. In my app, the user would be able to add, edit and share lists with other users. The user can also keep track of his/her budget such as income and expenses, as well as his/her maximum budget of a given period. There should also be a feature to add and use loyalty cards. I implement the gamification part through rewards when saving or using the app. This should motivate the user to continue saving or use the app more often.


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